Instagram: @lucidbeaming

Lucidbeaming is an art and technology project by Berlin based artist Joshua Curry. It leverages a background in fine art and music with modern programming and fabrication skills. Lucidbeaming projects have been exhibited in the San Francisco Bay Area and Berlin, Germany since early 2017.

I combine technology with traditional art practices to explore what it means to be human. In addition to open source software and industrial hardware, I use obsolete or broken electronics found in surplus centers, thrift stores, and sometimes just on the street. Many times I repair or upgrade the object so that it functions in a new way. I discard the original consumer intent behind the object and seek some way to repurpose it so it works in an art context. For example, you can use a toothbrush to paint with. It doesn't matter that it was intended to clean teeth. The same idea applies to electronics and software.

I work on many things in parallel, so ideas and processes cross-pollinate and yield interesting connections. A series of drawings connects with ways of manipulating images in a computer program. Computer generated text inadvertently informs a series of ink works on rice paper.

When my projects succeed, people aren't focused on how something was made, but on the experience itself. The human and social aspect of all this is really the key. My process makes use of everything from artificial intelligence to ink wash techniques. Some the technical aspects of what I do are innovative, but I'm proud to be able to produce work that doesn't require people to know about it. At some level they can feel what's going on instead of having to think about it.

Above all, whether it's technically or emotionally sourced, my work is about being a human being and exploring what that means. All the technique serves that basic premise.