The Wolves project was a major undertaking that took place over 2 years. It began with an interest in the Chernobyl wolves that became a whole genre of art for me. I began hand digitizing running wolves from video footage and spent a year adding to that collection. The Covid lockdown emptied American city streets. We all started seeing footage of animals wandering into urban areas. I decided to finish the Wolves project as an urban performance, projecting onto buildings from empty streets.

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This is as much a presentation context as a final piece. The core platform (Obelisk) supports shelving for multiple screens and shelving for up to three projectors. The main content for Delphi is a video portrait of a 96 year old man in front of an ultra slow motion clip of ocean swells.


An article about unclaimed dead in Los Angeles inspired this piece. It uses very thin fluorescent tubes embedded in black sand to imply a life force emerging.

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More information doesn't always lead to greater understanding. The imagery for the video footage in this piece came from exploring high magnification macro optics. The presentation developed over time using a micro-controller that modified analog video signals with overlays.