Multi-layered abstract photographs produced in-camera, not with Photoshop or on a computer. They are the result of 10 multiple exposures made on the same frame inside the camera. They were crafted on-site and once they were shot, there was no fixing or changing them. I got to the point where it was a little dance movement to get a variety of viewpoints in each frame.


These images are sourced from my mother's photographic negatives from the 70s. The photos don't record a specific time period. They are not history. They are references to her specific experiences. Her history is not our shared history. These processed images explore that through surface treatments and other physical processes. They are visceral artifacts now, instead of ephemeral.


These monochromatic images are sourced from power wires for the local light rail (VTA) sub-station. I drove by this cluster everyday on a tech job commute for about a year. I swore that when the contract was over I was going to return and photograph all the patterns I saw overhead. I did just that and exhibited the images multiple times and used them in other art projects.


One of my few uses of machine learning or AI tools. It yielded a small book of monochromatic images. When I first started processing the results I thought it looked like a bad imitation of a Paul Strand book.


Germany has a difficult history and has gone to great lengths to incorporate its past into the present. The Zitadelle is a museum in West Berlin that houses a unique exhibit for this purpose. Throughout the region monuments to problematic past leaders were built from 1849 to 1986. Many of the men they memorialize had terrible legacies. This includes religious leaders, Prussian military leaders, businessmen, and mythical representations of men in power at the time.. As a historical intervention of these dogmatic sculptures, I photographed the faces and re-contextualized their appearances. In the past decade social media has resurrected some of the worst ideologies in history. They were dying out until anonymous politics became a thing and rekindled their popularity. My idea is to use these statues to build illustrations of these old dying ideas that are empowered by online culture.