Interactive and kinetic artwork


1400 rice paper balloons cover as many lights inside a 6 foot cauldron. Wind sensors detect air movement and the lights respond as if embers of a smoldering fire. Designed to depend on group collaboration, it has been exhibited in multiple public arenas. Later versions have been subdivided for smaller rooms. This particular piece has been widely exhibited, written about, and mentioned on social media. Blog post and explainer

Bad Liar

A smashed tv screen flickering with glitched signals behind a 2-way mirror with the words Bad Liar in the middle. Recreates the function of a modern "smart mirror" used in luxury contexts for personalized reflections. Made to reference the distortions our devices project when reflecting our usage and activity. An emotiona stock market ticker reflects the selling price of the viewers emotions. It is a working market simulation and prices change over time.

Sympathy and Krusher

Mechanically simple and sonically rich, these two sound objects have been used for a variety of audio performances. Essentially large pieces of steel with a multitude of contact mics attached, they offer a range of tone and percussive options.

Krusher performance