In August of 2021, I had a large solo show of recent work at Art Ark in downtown San Jose, California. It’s a beautiful space and has hosted many top notch shows. I was offered the Summer residency and used that to put together 62 artworks for display.


A San Jose gallery, Kaleid, had recently cleared out an extra room and was offering it as an installation space. I had a variety of tech art and video I had finished the previous year. Although it was a small show, it got some foot traffic and was a good size for the smaller interactive work. It ended up being a retrospective of the past 5 years in multimedia.


The work I picked for this Spring 2020 show was drawn from a variety of efforts in the previous two years. As a grouping, it represented my current best efforts as a multimedia artist. I worked hard to finalize all the projects and really looked forward to the show. It combined abstract video, traditional photography, sculptural video projection, installation work, and works on paper.

Group shows

In 2021, I made a real effort to exhibit across the country and in other contexts as well. I made use of CaFE (Calls for Entry) and FilmFreeway for film festivals. There is so much competition for just a handful of exhibitions now. The internet makes more available to people like me, but can also overwhelm organizers with thousands of entries. A small cottage industry has sprouted up around the whole enterprise and there are a lot of sketchy “pay-to-play” shows. That means I’m supposed to pay for the privilege of showing my work. I’m not doing that. But, I did find some interesting opportunities out there. It was mostly regional group shows. I didn’t get to attend, but I thought it would be good to know the process of getting work to them from beginning to end.

  • 2023 HilbertRaum, Leidkultur, Berlin
  • 2021 Gray Loft Gallery, Yellow, Oakland
  • 2021 Another Hole in the Head film Festival, San Francisco
  • 2021 Main St. Gallery, Small Works Show, Clifton
  • 2021 Decode Gallery, Minimalism, Tucson
  • 2021 Art Ark Gallery, Beacon (solo show), San Jose
  • 2021 Maker Music Festival, Online
  • 2021 Kaleid Gallery, Refactor, San Jose
  • 2021 Palo Alto Public Art Program, Wolves, Palo Alto
  • 2021 San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, Digital Salon, San Luis Obispo
  • 2020 San Jose International Airport, Holding the Moment, San Jose
  • 2020 FUSE, Sightwise, San Jose
  • 2019 Norcal Noisefest, Sacramento
  • 2019 San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, Camp ICA, San Jose
  • 2019 SubZERO Festival, featured installation artist, San Jose
  • 2019 FUSE, Metamorphosis, San Jose
  • 2019 Anno Domini, Dual Duel, San Jose
  • 2018 Red Museum, Noise and Waffles, Sacramento
  • 2018 FUSE, Originals and Reproductions, San Jose
  • 2018 SubZERO Festival, featured installation artist, San Jose
  • 2017 Kaleid Gallery, Embers, San Jose
  • 2017 SubZERO Festival, featured installation artist, San Jose