Software, hardware, AI, and online art projects


A standalone command-line utility called vid2midi that converts videos into MIDI files. The MIDI file can be used in most music software to play instruments and sounds in time with the video. It sonifies video signals.

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Art Review Generator

Large Language Model that generates art reviews based on 57 years of ArtForum magazine reviews. It was made in 2018, long before the AI hype arrived with ChatGPT. It's interesting to me for the mistakes it makes, as a tool to analyze artspeak.

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Pi Zero synth

In 2017, I built a synthesizer out of a microcomputer called Raspberry Pi Zero. I wrote a blog post about it and that has consistently been the top viewed post on my site. I enjoy sharing my processes with people and am pleased that so many have made use of this project.

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Created from a stash box of a former methamphetamine addict, this synthesizer transforms years of abuse into a squelching stream of lo-fi noise that can be played and performed as a standalone device or into an external audio mixer. Made using an Arduino and the Mozzi software library.

Camel sketch


A computer vision project that takes the location of small stones and triggers sound loops, sequences, and recordings. It reacts dynamically to changes in the stone locations and quantity.

Berlin Art Websites

A collection of screenshots from the websites of all the major art galleries in Berlin. It self-updates each Sunday morning and offers a fresh view of the Berlin art scene each week.

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