Collage, drawings, and traditional mediums


I bought an old psychology textbook at a library sale. The pages are blacked out, redacted, and covered with organic designs.


After watching a man react in a rage after being told to wear a mask in a grocery store, I was inspired to make drawings of people in masks. The drawings are on surplus medical forms.


I found a gold frame in a trash can that had upholstery fabric inside. It was probably a mount for a Virgin of Guadalupe statue, which is common around San Jose, California. I brought it back to my studio and was inspired to make use of a Pirelli tank car graphic I had been digitizing. After some cleanup work in Inkscape, I sent the outline to my vinyl cutter with some black vinyl material. The result was pretty sweet. I spent many months collecting imagery and designs to convert to graphic outlines. I avoided the internet and made use of the local library and even some old Playboys I bought at a record shop. I have plenty to work with now, but the digitizing and plotting has been time consuming.