Noise shows and performance art

Sympathy at SubZERO

The peak of 2018 was the performance of metal sculptures I had made, in a piece I simply called Sympathy. It was loud, intense, and had tons of multi-colored smoke. I did two cycles, one on each night of the festival. I also did one last performance in October, at the end of First Fridays.

Krusher performance

Sympathy and Krusher

Built from steel pipes, heavy duty compression springs, and contact mics, these metal sculptures are primal noise instruments. The smaller one, Krusher, was the first version. I wanted to build a kind of pile driver drum machine. After considering mechanical means of driving it, I had more fun just playing the damn thing through a cheap amp. The tall one, Sympathy, came later and with more contact mics attached. After playing them together, an idea for a performance was born.

Noise set for live stream

This is a 20 minute performance in my San Jose, California art studio. It was recorded for the Sacramento Noise Waffle in November of 2021. The sound quality is pretty good and I am playing my Camel synth through a bass amplifier.

Camel promo

The first release of 2021 was a noise tape made with a synthesizer I built. I’m happy with the recording and the tape, but the promo for it might be more interesting than the thing itself. I guess that’s the age we live in.