Balloon Synth

Created for the 2019 SubZERO festival, this piece harnessed wind movement and public interaction to generate sounds. Contact mics on balloons feeding into a synth filter produced bouncing synthetic ribbons of sound. It was a kind of upside down wind chime and a surprise hit of the festival.


I had a need for a device that let me choose audio contexts, like an Ableton Live controller, but was way more flexible and independent of commercial tooling or software. I also wanted to make use of some analog video equipment I had. After months of experimentation and working with aesthetics, Oracle manifested.


Created from a stash box of a former methamphetamine addict, this synthesizer transforms years of abuse into a squelching stream of lo-fi noise that can be played and performed as a standalone device or into an external audio mixer. Made using an Arduino and the Mozzi software library.

Bad Liar

A smashed tv screen flickering with glitched signals behind a 2-way mirror with the words Bad Liar in the middle. Recreates the function of a modern "smart mirror" used in luxury contexts for personalized reflections. Made to reference to distortions our devices project when reflecting our usage and activity.

Wheel of Misfortune

The Wheel of Misfortune is a wireless OSC sequencer using magnets to trigger note events. It’s built from an old bicycle wheel, some hall effect sensors, and a Raspberry Pi.