1400 rice paper balloons cover as many lights inside a 6 foot cauldron. Wind sensors detect air movement and the lights respond as if embers of a smouldering fire. Designed to depend on group collaboration, it has been exhibited in multiple public arenas. Later versions have been subdivided for smaller rooms.

Bad Liar

A smashed tv screen flickering with glitched signals behind a 2-way mirror with the words Bad Liar in the middle. Recreates the function of a modern "smart mirror" used in luxury contexts for personalized reflections. Made to reference to distortions our devices project when reflecting our usage and activity.

COVID mask drawings

After watching a man react in a rage after being told to wear a mask in a grocery store, I was inspired to make drawings of people in masks.


A memory machine of sorts, designed to imply the journey from experience to neuron. It uses a variety of obsolete and discarded technology: 8mm projector, old security monitors, LED signage, spray foam, steel furnace cover.

Balloon Synth

Created for the 2019 SubZERO festival, this piece harnessed wind movement and public interaction to generate sounds. Contact mics on balloons feeding into a synth filter produced bouncing synthetic ribbons of sound. It was a kind of upside down wind chime and a surprise hit of the festival.


I had a need for a device that let me choose audio contexts, like an Ableton Live controller, but was way more flexible and independent of commercial tooling or software. I also wanted to make use of some analog video equipment I had. After months of experimentation and working with aesthetics, Oracle manifested.

Sympathy and Krusher

Mechanically simple and sonically rich, these two sound objects have been used for a variety of audio performances. Essentially large pieces of steel with a multitude of contact mics attached, they offer a range of tone and percussive options.


Created from a stash box of a former methamphetamine addict, this synthesizer transforms years of abuse into a squelching stream of lo-fi noise that can be played and performed as a standalone device or into an external audio mixer. Made using an Arduino and the Mozzi software library.


This is as much a presentation context as a final piece. The core platform (Obelisk) supports shelving for multiple screens and shelving for up to three projectors. The main content for Delphi is a video portrait of a 96 year old man in front of an ultra slow motion clip of ocean swells.


More information doesn't always lead to greater understanding. The imagery for the video footage in this piece came from exploring high magnification macro optics. The presentation developed over time using a micro-controller that modified analog video signals with overlays.


Built as a presentation object for 9 full length music videos for the experimental album Spanner. It uses found wood assembled around an obsolete Amazon Kindle tablet. Now includes two monophones for audio content.


A large reclaimed computer monitor forms the core of this presentation object for a collection of abstract videos made from 2017-2020. It makes use of a variety of metal found by roadsides.

Unclaimed Ashes

An article about unclaimed dead in Los Angeles inspired this piece. It uses very thin fluorescent tubes embedded in black sand to imply a life force emerging.

Wheel of Misfortune

The Wheel of Misfortune is a wireless OSC sequencer using magnets to trigger note events. It’s built from an old bicycle wheel, some hall effect sensors, and a Raspberry Pi.